Our list of dogs changes every day. New dogs get added, others get adopted, and, like us, others may just need to take some time off from running. Below are a handful of our favorite RuffTail Runners. You can also follow the links at the bottom of the page to see an up-to-date list of dogs.



Rocky can get anything he wants with those sweet eyes of his. This friendly guy has a very calm demeanor, and he loves giving kisses to his human friends. He really knows how to work the room! Rocky takes his chill vibe with him to the trail, preferring to strut his stuff at a leisurely pace rather than sprinting to the finish. Rocky is an Orange Walker.



Penny is a gentle and sweet girl who loves her people more than anything. This low-energy gal likes cuddling up with her walking companions about as much as she enjoys the walk itself. For this reason, Penny makes a great introductory dog for our new volunteers. You won’t find a dog sweeter than her! Penny is a Pink Walker.



Banjo is a well-mannered yet goofy senior boy who is very enthusiastic about his walks on the trail. He knows tons of commands and will do just about anything for a treat. Thanks to all his training, Banjo has perfect leash manners and will make you look like the best dog walker there ever was. Banjo is a Blue Walker.



Chica is a spunky, energetic girl who loves to go running with her RTR buddies. She is approved for the ballfields ONLY because the trail can be overstimulating for her. Once she has her focus, though, Chica is a terrific runner. She really benefits from the exercise, too. Take this sweet, smart girl for a run at Austin Pets Alive! Chica is an Orange Runner.



Stevie is a sweet, cuddly guy who is unfortunately very stressed in his kennel. Once he’s on the trail, though, he is as cool as a cucumber. Stevie has a bad leg, so he is approved for slow jogs or walks only. He enjoys a good swim, though! Stevie’s trail time will help him so much with his stress, and he will reward you with lots of kisses and snuggles. Stevie is a Blue Runner.



Bobo is a little dog with a big personality. Once he knows you’re a friend, he will entertain you to no end with his spastic spurts of energy and his fondness for people’s laps. While on the trail, Bobo focuses on getting all his energy out and being the fastest little guy on Town Lake! You’ll learn quickly not to underestimate Bobo. He’s got speed and a diva-like personality to boot! Bobo is an Orange Runner.

To see a complete list of today’s available dogs, visit the links below. RuffTail Runner dogs are divided into four groups:

  1. Green/pink walking dogs
  2. Green/pink running dogs
  3. Orange dogs (both walkers and joggers)
  4. Blue dogs (both walkers and joggers)