Going for a run or walk? Well, there’s plenty of shelter dogs who’d love to go with. Team Spiridon and other partners have teamed up to encourage runners (and walkers) to get shelter dogs (and cats, if you really think you can make that work out…) out to share some fresh air and exercise. The result: better-adjusted, healthier, and therefore, more adoptable dogs. And people. So, get off your butt, and run a mutt!

RuffTailers! Is there anything much better you can do with this weekend than bring home a new pooch or kitty? ... See MoreSee Less

Our Shelter is OVERCAPACITY with dogs and cats! In order to save lives, all available dogs and cats will be FREE to wonderful, loving homes through the weekend! Can't adopt? Come foster a dog or cat for a couple of weeks! Thank you! wilcopets.org

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December orientation is set for the 10th. Come find your newest training buddy! t.co/i3Wu7FUZbs? t.co/alyQJJHnTU

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