Going for a run or walk? Well, there’s plenty of shelter dogs who’d love to go with. Team Spiridon and other partners have teamed up to encourage runners (and walkers) to get shelter dogs (and cats, if you really think you can make that work out…) out to share some fresh air and exercise. The result: better-adjusted, healthier, and therefore, more adoptable dogs. And people. So, get off your butt, and run a mutt!

Two safety PSAs for our trail-going folk! First, please remember that our RTR warm weather restrictions are increasingly relevant this time of year. We are now using the "Feels Like" temperature as the figure to go by, not the actual temperature. Your receptionist should have the temperature pulled up and let you know what it feels like outside!

Second, we're having something of a poison ivy epidemic at APA! Please be on the lookout for the 'leaves of three' on the trail. If your dog gets into poison ivy, please wash the RTR leash and vest right away instead of returning it and spreading the poison ivy to poor, unsuspecting volunteers. Let's keep the rash at bay and not at APA! Thanks for your help!
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